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Video Consultation: Univ.-Prof. Dr. CHRISTOPH KOPP

Video Consultation: Univ.-Prof. Dr. CHRISTOPH KOPP

Cardiology & Angiology
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About Univ.-Prof. Dr. CHRISTOPH KOPP

Position: Associate Professor of Medicine, Divison of Angiology and Cardiology

Affiliation: Medical University of Vienna (MUV), General hospital of Vienna, AKH, Austria 

Mission statement: good clinical practice in personalized medicine

Vision: Prevent – Treat – Heal

Aim: Personalized patient management aiming for “state of the art” medical solutions in cooperation with experts in all fields of cardiovascular and general medicine. Both, advise and treatment for either office based, day-clinical or hospital admitted patients is provided.

Current position: Professor in Medicine, Senior Clinical Specialist in the endovascular interventional team in Cardiology and Vascular Medicine at the Medical University of Vienna (MUV)

Clinical experience: My cardiovascular focus - growing over the past 20 years - is both preventive as well as interventional, being a member of the endovascular interventional unit in cardiology and vascular medicine. Another focus is venous disease of different stages. Phlebectomy by sclerotherapy or endovascular laser therapy (ELT) is well established.

In addition, I serve a broad spectrum of patients suffering from various conditions of internal medicine (arrhythmia, lung disease, gastroenterology, infectious diseases, endocrinology, oncology and skin disease) supported by external specialists at the WPK.

Private practice      Health Service Center (HSC) at Vienna Private Clinics (WPK)

Private hospital      Vienna Private Clinics (WPK) affiliation

Curriculum vitae    Medical School at the University of Vienna (MUV), MD 1992

Postdoctoral fellowship, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School (HMS) 1993-96

                                   Medical Boards (MUV) 1997 – 2003

                                   Associate Professor in Medicine (MUV) 2004

                                   Boards of Vascular Medicine (MUV) 2007

Boards in Cardiology (MUV) 2010

MBA Professional Health Care Management (BUV) 2013

Science focus        Cardiovascular Medicine: Antithrombotic regimens, Cardiovascular Risk,

Previous foreign Medical contracts               

Hadassah Hospital (Jerusalem, Israel),

Krehl Klinikum (Heidelberg, Germany),

BIDMC at Harvard Medical School (Boston, US),

Prince Court Medical Center (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)