Patients from abroad benefit from online video consultations

In the virtual clinic WPK Online Healthcare Center, within the first 3 months from the launch, 50 Romanian patients benefited from online consultations!

The virtual medical center WPK Online Healthcare Center, set up by Wiener Privatklinik, one of the largest private hospitals in Austria, attracted in the first 3 months after its launch, a number of 50 Romanian patients, who accessed online video consultations with medical experts.
The most requested medical services, between May and July, were those of rheumatology, psychiatry, surgery, gynecology, internal medicine, orthopedics, ENT, oncology and second opinion radiology.
At WPK Online Healthcare Center, patients can access video consultations provided by WPK associate physicians from multiple medical specialties, from internal medicine, vascular surgery, general surgery, gastroenterology, neurosurgery, neurology, orthopedics, diabetes and nutrition, rheumatology, to ENT, gynecology , dermatology, traumatology, etc.
The whole process is coordinated and organized by a dedicated case manager who answers all the patient's questions related to choosing the right doctor and the actual process of scheduling and participating in the video consultation.

Fighting Covid through innovation. WPK Hospital in Vienna has launched an innovative platform for international patients:
“All our patients and doctors expressed their gratitude for the easy accessibility of the online health platform. Through it, international patients are able to get in touch easily and quickly with Austrian doctors of international stature, who answered them openly and completely to all questions and recommended the appropriate treatment. Some patients already had the post-treatment consultation and were very satisfied with the result, as well as with the whole experience. Against the background of the Covid-19 pandemic, telemedicine has made rapid legislative progress, both in terms of the regulatory framework and the addressability of patients to online consultations. We expect the number of people who will schedule consultations in the WPK Online Healthcare Center virtual clinic to maintain its growth trend in the coming months, ”said Ema Hafner, Director of the International Marketing and Patients Department at Wiener Privatklinik.

For Romanian patients, 3 Romanian-speaking case managers are provided, so that the whole process is very easy for the patient. They offer personalized advice to each patient and ask him for medical tests in electronic format, to be viewed by the doctor in Vienna. Subsequently, the patient is informed of the day and time when he will contact the specialist online. In cases where it is necessary, specialists will re-evaluate the analyzes performed in the country.

Payment is made online in minutes, and the consultation takes place through a video platform that meets international data security standards and is easily accessible by the patient. Appointments for consultations are made with the help of Wiener Privatklinik case managers from Romania, directly on the online platform: or at the e-mail address

Wiener Privatklinik Hospital provides patients with diagnostic and treatment services in over 30 medical specialties and has 14 competence centers in its structure. Within the medical campus, over 250 top medical experts work, with outstanding results in the specialty practiced. In 2019, over 1,100 Romanian patients requested the medical services of the hospital, their number being increasing by 28% compared to the previous year.