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Endoscopy Private Hospital


Endoscopy at the Wiener Privatklinik


The day clinic at Wiener Privatklinik delivers a new dimension for endoscopists with its state-of-the-art endoscopy equipment!

Opened in the summer of 2015, it is primarily characterized by aesthetically pleasing and modernly furnished rooms on the entrance level of the WPK.

The two endoscopy rooms allow sufficient time opportunities for endoscopists and provide appropriately necessary space.

It opens its doors Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.


The endoscopy equipment of the WPK, high-definition endoscopes from Pentax (EC3890Fi, EC-3490TFi, EG-2990i as well as the HD+ video processor EPKi 7000), is state-of-the-art. Those imaging devices are completely and absolutely adapted to the technical requirements of individual needs.

The secret is the system composition: this allows exceptionally high resolution (HD+) and the so-called i-scan technology! The images, which are characterized by excellent illumination and HD+ quality, not only support rapid detection and orientation, but also lead to a significant improvement in the field of view and thus simplify the diagnosis of the smallest lesions.

An integrated state-of-the-art and innovative zoom function allows a more precise detailed view of suspicious surface structures.

 i-scan technology

This unique technology works supportively to detect and delineate lesions, retaining natural color tones and accentuating tissue structures at the touch of a button.

Tissue characterization is facilitated by this method, as well as lesion characterizations through more accentuated visualization of the epithelial layer and vascular architecture, with virtual chromoendoscopy supporting diagnosis.


Twin Mode

The so-called Twin Mode, which means the interaction of HD+ white light images and i-scan images, allows direct comparison of different representations of a lesion by simultaneous viewing.

Innovative Documentation System in Vienna

Our video processor allows video sequences, images and voice to be recorded simultaneously at the touch of a button. Likewise, it allows the exchange of important findings among peers, the storage of reports and personal comments on the video, and more. The Wiener Privatklinik also uses the DokMon® documentation system, a combination of video and reprocessing documentation, which enables the seamless recording of all parameters relating to the patient, the examination and the endoscope

  Endoscopy in Vienna at Wiener Privatklinik: Enthusiasm among top physicians

The leading endoscopists at Wiener Privatklinik are absolutely unanimous in their enthusiasm: thanks to these high-resolution HD devices with optical zoom, it is possible to see almost microscopic differences even during the examination; in addition to the optimized optics, the whole procedure is simply much more pleasant for the patient.

The most frequently required service provided at the day clinic is colonoscopy. The reason for this is that colonoscopy is a fixed component of standardized screening for the early detection or prevention of colorectal carcinoma, and it is thus recommended as mandatory for patients without a burden from the age of 50.


Wiener Privatklinik: State-of-the-art equipment in all medical fields gives a competitive edge


The most modern technology, innovative treatment and examination methods as well as patient proximity: this is what distinguishes Wiener Privatklinik and sets it apart from the competition.

Through first-class interaction of medical care, nursing care and state-of-the-art hospital management, excellent care for patients is guaranteed and an optimal working environment for attending physicians is provided 

Particularly known for its success in the fields of internal medicine, oncology, trauma surgery, sports traumatology, surgery and orthopedics, Wiener Privatklinik, as one of the largest private hospitals in Austria, offers a

variety of core competencies and a diversity of other medical specialties offered. Contact us today!

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