Knee joint replacement surgery

One of three treatment methods recently established at the WPK is robot-assisted knee joint replacement surgery. "It is a combination of navigation surgery and a surgical robot, which makes the precision much higher than with previous methods," explains Dr. Richard Maier, a specialist in trauma surgery at the Joint Center Baden and co-founder of the Competence Center for Joint Surgery at the WPK.


The state-of-the-art Omni Robotics system from Corin is the only one that uses digital analysis to individually determine the ideal ligament tension of the knee joint during a knee joint replacement operation.

A computer calculates the optimal three-dimensional prosthesis position and determines the axis and movement result before the prosthesis is implanted. "Thanks to the navigation data and the high-precision cutting with the mini-robot, the knee joint prosthesis can then be implanted with a previously unattained degree of precision," says Dr. Maier.

This once again proves the WPK to be highly innovative: "The WPK has the second system of this kind currently available in Austria and thus belongs to the spearhead of the technologically leading hospitals in Europe," emphasizes Wolfgang Covi, MBA, Country Manager Austria of Corin.