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Lung Cancer Detection

Detecting cancer at an early stage

Through a computed tomography examination of the lungs, lung cancer can be detected at an early stage. Such an examination can therefore significantly increase the chances of a successful treatment.

It has been known for decades that smokers have the highest risk of developing lung cancer.

The level of risk depends largely on the intensity of smoking, i.e. how much is smoked and over what period of time the person smokes.

A U.S. study, the National Lung Screening Trial (NLST), showed that regular low-dose computed tomography (CT) screening for smokers results in a significantly higher chance of surviving lung cancer: In fact, mortality is reduced by 20% when lung cancer is detected at an early stage. 

This is because tumors in the lungs that are still small and confined to a single site are much more treatable than tumors that have already progressed to distant metastases.


Precautionary lung examination useful from "30 pack years"

From 30 pack-years - the number of cigarette packs consumed daily multiplied by the number of years smoked - a precautionary lung examination is useful.

The type of examination is also important here: a CT scan is much more informative and detailed than a simple lung X-ray, because tumors are only detected when they are much larger and it is therefore already too late.

If conspicuous lesions are found here, a decision is made according to precise criteria as to whether the examination should be repeated after a certain period of time or whether the focus needs to be examined more closely. PET-CT, the combination of positron emission tomography and computer tomography, is then used. PET-CT makes glucose metabolism in the tissue visible: Since tumors have increased glucose metabolism, this helps with the detection!


Pay attention to nonsmokers

What is the best way to prevent lung cancer? Don't smoke in the first place!

Now this is of course for many and in many cases easier said than done, but then should apply without question: Show consideration for others!

Many consider non-smoker protection and the appeal for it as exaggerated or not real, but facts and studies prove the importance for this:

For example, waitresses in a smoking establishment are twice as likely to develop lung cancer after eight years.

Non-smoker protection is an extremely important issue therefore: it's a matter of life and death!


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