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The Future of Nursing

Careers in nursing have been one of the least attractive professions for the next generation for years. This trend can be explained by the current understanding of this profession. The characterization negative: poor pay, unfavorable working hours and that with high responsibility; not the best combination. 

But how exactly will the profession develop in the next ten years? Will there still be enough people interested in the profession despite the development and the image many have of a career in nursing? And how can the current lack of attractiveness for young people be increased and developed again?


Three different occupational groups in nursing

New in nursing is the introduction of three different occupational groups:

Certified nurses, nursing assistants and nursing assistants. Training courses are now only at UAS level, i.e. at bachelor level. However, the competencies, whether training at the UAS or school, are exactly the same.


The shortage of skilled nursing staff

What does this mean for the future of nursing in Austria? Qualified personnel are becoming fewer and fewer for a variety of reasons. One reason is the policy on foreigners in Austria, which makes it incredibly difficult for foreign professionals to work in Austria.

The fact that there is a need for a B2 level in German for the registration certificate, no matter what the qualification, is another problem. Compared to the past, where many nurses learned German locally, this makes for an aggravated shortage of skilled workers.


Missing perspective in nursing: future versions are needed

An important approach is the creation of perspective and an increasing attractiveness of the profession through this.

Bringing medicine and nursing closer together would be one such objective. The interdisciplinarity here to create should have priority.

However, it is much more important to polish up the image of the nursing profession in society and the public. Away from a view as favorable servants of the physicians for the unpleasant tasks under poor working conditions to a position in which doctors and nurses have a similar status.


Wiener Privatklinik: taster & work opportunities to show how attractive work in nursing can really be

Wiener Privatklinik communicates how fulfilling the nursing profession can be at various open days.

Likewise, cooperation with universities of applied sciences is extremely important in order to give talented people the opportunity to enter the profession at an early stage. Internships are offered on the premises: The multifaceted nature of the nursing profession is perfectly conveyed here.

Interested in exploring the Wiener Privatklinik as a workplace? The opportunity is open to all graduated nursing staff. Basic requirements are sharing our values: motivation as well as the ability to think in a structured and flexible way.

Good nursing care at Wiener Privatklinik means:

Engaging with people, having an open ear and focusing on recognizing needs and acting accordingly. A self-reliant and independent work attitude coupled with the attitude of functioning as a competent contact partner in the team.

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