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Oncology Austria

What comprises the field of Oncology

The medical field of oncology deals with all good tumor types, malignant tumor types as well as cancers.

The specialization of oncologists is in the diagnosis and treatment of tumor diseases; physicians from very different specialties can therefore be seen as oncologists.

What does Oncology actually mean and what is the scope of Oncology?

Oncology is understood to be the science of tumor diseases. The word origin includes the Greek word "onkos" for swelling/tumor as well as the Greek suffix "logie": hence, the science or teaching of a particular subject.

As an overarching generic term for the holistic care of tumor patients, oncology encompasses a number of many different fields of activity: These are covered by specialized disciplines.

Good cooperation between the various disciplines is the prerequisite par excellence for optimal therapy of tumor patients.

The goal should always be to gain a detailed insight into patients' diseases and to identify the best treatment steps based on the individual and his or her clinical picture.

The Different Stages of Treatment in Oncology

1. Preventive measures

Prevention sets as a foregone conclusion the goal of preventing tumor disease or suppressing its spread.

Prevention includes measures and examinations such as colon polyp removal, early detection/screening checks, smoking cessation, carcinogenesis research.

2. Diagnostics

It is widely known that the diagnostic key is the medical history.

During the interview, it is possible for the first time for the treating physician to identify the patient's disease history . Moreover, with the help of specific questions, essential and decisive clues and information can be obtained here.

But not only that, on the basis of this information further examinations are first planned.

These include imaging diagnostics in the case of an existing suspicion of tumor disease, the so-called fine tissue/pathological assessment of the tissue, and laboratory testing of body fluids.

 3. Treatment and Therapy

If the suspicion of cancer is confirmed, the goal and approach of therapy is always to remove all tumor tissue or,

In special cases where this is impossible, at least to limit the tumor disease as much as possible.

In this case, prolonging the patient's life and maintaining as good a quality of life as possible is paramount.

Treatment methods include:

Surgical tumor removal, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, drug treatment, psycho-oncological support, and tumor risk diagnosis. 

4. Oncology follow-up

Once cancer treatment is completed, medical aftercare is recommended in all cases, which extends over a period of up to five years.

Aftercare has various goals, such as reducing the risk of relapse, detecting and treating secondary damage, and also providing psychological support and building up the patient.

Thus, aftercare includes areas such as psycho-oncological care, follow-up examinations, rehabilitation, nutritional counseling and more.


Oncology in Vienna at Wiener Privatklinik


Precision Medicine: Immuno-Oncology

The goal of immuno-oncology therapies is to activate the patient's immune system, preparing it to recognize and destroy tumor cells.

Immuno-oncology drugs are approved for a plethora of cancers:

A new treatment revolution is unfolding.

Clinical trials demonstrate and prove that the results of immuno-oncology therapies are sustainable and effective in a stable manner.

The innovative nature and characteristics of immunotherapy offer patients, while prognoses were very limited in the past, new hope: the hope of long-term survival with a high quality of life.

The WPK Academy Central European Cancer Center team consists of highly specialized experts, the best in their field worldwide, who carefully monitor the continuous progress of the treatment while ensuring to counteract possible side effects in a timely manner.

The team creates a customized treatment plan: Treatment options range from standard chemotherapy and surgery to revolutionary personalized cancer cures and immuno-oncology agents. 

The Vienna International Breast Oncology Center 

The Breast Health Center offers a comprehensive and complete range of breast health services, bringing together under the same roof all the necessary medical disciplines from oncology, surgery and radiology to radiation oncology, pathology and genetic counseling.

The Wiener Privatklinik combines all aspects: modern diagnosis as well as treatment and aftercare are fully covered here.

Our mission and our goal:

Our vision is to individualize cancer therapies in order to intervene with the right solution at the right time. That is why we are the preferred destination for patients from all over the world for cancer treatment in Europe.

Individualized treatment plans are determined by an interdisciplinary panel of experts.

The primary case manager, usually from medical or surgical oncology, determines the patient's course of treatment.

This is done after working with the other members of the multidisciplinary team to find the best clinical solution tailored to the individual patient.


Our offered services include:

In diagnosis, we offer mammography, MR mammography, breast biopsy, breast ultrasound and PET-CT.

Our systemic treatment includes neoadjuvant and adjuvant systemic treatment, including chemotherapy and chemo-free treatment options, as well as antibodies and systemic inhibitors.

Our scope of surgery includes breast-conserving surgery, oncoplastic breast conservation, mastectomy, immediate and delayed breast reconstruction, and sentinel lymph node biopsy.

Other treatments offered include routine risk-adapted clinical follow-up, second opinions, prophylactic surgery, genetic counseling, risk-adapted screening.


Vienna International Center for Thoracic Oncology

Consisting of a group of renowned surgeons, oncologists and radiologists who aim to provide all necessary services related to the treatment of malignant diseases of the chest at the cutting edge of medical science.

We offer fast and direct access to the best diagnostic and therapeutic tools, doubled by frontline therapy at the highest quality level for all types of thoracic tumors.

Your Oncology in Austria 

At Wiener Privatklinik, we offer innovative methods of Cancer diagnosis and treatmentAt our Central European Cancer Center, the highly specialized physicians who care for patients have a globally remarkable and outstanding reputation in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Their regular participation and involvement in top international cancer conferences and seminars guarantee the most qualified and latest solutions for cancer treatment, including precision diagnostics and subsequent individualized targeted therapies.

The interdisciplinary cooperation of different specialties  such as radiology, pathology, surgery, medical oncology and Radiation Therapy is critical.

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