Robot with UVC light against COVID-19

Wiener Privatklinik integrated a robot with UVC light into the disinfection protocol against COVID-19

Wiener Privatklinik, one of the largest private hospitals in Austria, uses a robot with UVC light in the cleaning and disinfection protocol, as an additional measure to prevent COVID-19 infections. The technology of the smart device has an efficiency of 99.99% in the destruction of viruses and bacteria from the air and from the surfaces. The new equipment cost several tens of thousands of euros.

The UVD robot, produced in Denmark, is a disinfection robot, certified at European level and validated by clinical tests performed at international level. The UVC light spectrum it emits neutralizes pathogens indoors in a few seconds, making the environment safe for hospital activities.

The robot is designed to operate autonomously and can be easily operated by personnel responsible for cleaning and disinfection, via a mobile application. Once an order is received, it draws the map with the area in which it must act and moves alone in the salons / operating rooms on different floors.

The disinfection of a salon is performed in an interval of 10 minutes, productivity being thus significantly increased compared to the classic disinfection methods. The device notifies the staff when the procedure is completed.

Additional measures in the hospital
To protect patients, medical and non-medical staff, in the context of preventing the spread of Covid-19 virus infection, the Wiener Privatklinik Hospital in Vienna has taken several measures:

  • Access to the hospital is made only through special checkpoints, where there are medical staff who ask questions in accordance with the rules of the Austrian Ministry of Health and where body temperature is tested;
  • The entire staff goes through the screening at the control points within the hospital;
  • Medical personnel are tested regularly every 2-3 weeks, even if they do not show symptoms;
  • Visits to hospital patients are severely restricted, being allowed only in exceptional cases and in special medical situations;
  • Hand disinfection is done at all checkpoints, monitored by trained personnel;
  • Hospital employees are not allowed to travel in high-risk areas even if they are on vacation, according to information issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Wiener Privatklinik (WPK), founded in 1871 and based in Vienna, is one of the largest private hospitals in Austria. The hospital covers a range of over 30 medical specialties, with 14 competence centers, 145 beds, an operating room with four operating rooms, advanced imaging services (the only private hospital in Vienna with PET CT and nuclear medicine), physiotherapy and medical recovery to international standards. The medical team consists of more than 250 renowned Austrian experts, who apply an interdisciplinary approach to each case. Annually, over 4,000 international patients access diagnostic and treatment services within the Wiener Privatklinik.

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