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Telemedicine in Trend: How the new bespoke Online Healthcare Center of the Wiener Privatklinik enables foreign patients to receive high quality medical consultations online


The Covid 19 pandemic has many devastating effects. One of them is the restriction of mobility and flexibility, and the fact, that borders, that have been opened by globalization, are closed indefinitely.

People often have no choice: If you are in search of or in need of medical examination or treatment, this restriction on air travel is devastating. Right? Wrong!

Because the Wiener Privatklinik has found a solution, conditioned by the fact, that it is one of the largest private hospitals in Austria and that it formed a large patient base all over the world that depends on their treatment at the WPK.

"We have managed to set up a new service that allows patients from all over the world to get in touch online with the excellent doctors who work at WPK," confirms Ema Hafner, EMBA, the head of WPK's Marketing and International Business department.


Wiener Privatklinik and Telemedicine – With the focus on excellence


This service manifests itself in the Online Healthcare Center of Wiener Privatklinik, which was opened in March last year.

The principle is simple yet extremely effective and unleashes unimagined possibilities in the era of virtual medicine: Via an online platform, patients from all over the world can use a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone to connect with the WPK's top-class affiliated physicians and receive an online consultation. Guaranteed features include security, excellent voice and image quality, and guaranteed compliance with all data privacy requirements and laws!


How does the Online Health Care Center work?

The first contact with the Online Health Care Center is made by a case manager, who is responsible for the connection between the patient and the respective doctor. In addition, the case manager also ensures, that the online medical consultation runs smoothly: What needs to be prepared, how everything will proceed and further tips are given and communicated at this stage.


It is crucial that all relevant health data and documents, such as radiological images, are sent to the doctor in advance, so that perfect preparation can be ensured and the online consultation can run as effectively and productively as possible. This preparation ensures that the online consultation will be best tailored to the individual needs of the respective patient.


Marketing Manager Hafner explains that this innovation was initially aimed to help and facilitate the treatment of patients who had already been treated or patients who needed a follow-up examination by the Wiener Privatklinik.

Over time, however, the online tool has been used more and more by new patients, especially for oncology consultations and medical second opinion online. The Online Health Care Center quickly broke boundaries and has now already helped a large number of patients in Romania, Bulgaria and Russia, where it has been marketed specifically since June. More than 100 online consultations with patients from abroad have already been successfully carried out.

 "Telemedicine has received a tremendous boost from the pandemic," Hafner knows. Why? Hospitals and doctors' offices are so overburdened that, in Austria and many other countries, restrictive framework conditions for online medical consultation have been loosened. The value of such a service and offer was thus recognized globally.

The WPK marketing manager is convinced that this trend will continue and only intensify; this evolution is the beginning of a medical innovation that effectively uses today's virtual possibilities.


In which areas does the OHC of the Wiener Privatklinik offer online consultations

Wiener Privatklinik's Online Health Care Center offers online consultations in many medical sectors:

From dermatology consultations, to online consultations in neurology, orthopedics, rheumatology, urology, cardiology, endocrinology and many more medical fields!

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