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Psychotherapy Online Consultation with Mag. Dr. scient. pth. Sarah Deutsch-Lang

Consultation Psychoanalysis & Psychotherapy - Mag. Dr. pth. Sarah DEUTSCH - LANG

Video Consultation: Mag. Dr. pth. Sarah Deutsch-Lang (Psychoanalysis & Psychotherapy)
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Mag. Dr. scient. pth. Sarah Deutsch-Lang has a special interest and expertise in psychotherapy. She switched from studying human medicine at the Medical University of Vienna in 2012 to study psychotherapy sciences. This field of academic education was established in Vienna at the Sigmund Freud Private University, for the first time in Europe. Psychotherapy with a focus on psychoanalysis has been the central theme of clinical work and research since that time.

Psychotherapy is needed by people who can no longer bear something in the life Situation and suffer from it. The topics are different: problems in partnership or in other social relationships, acute crises, whether caused by psychological trauma or by an acute disease such as cancer. Mental disorders such as anxiety often manifest themselves on a physical – somatic – level. A psychosomatic approach includes both physical therapy and psychotherapy which is required to treat underlying conflicts. Mental disorders such as depression, anxiety disorders and non-organic insomnia, i.e. the impairment of sleep without a physical cause, represent the largest burden of disease for societies. Psychotherapy is an integral part in the treatment of these diseases. Considering non-organic insomnia, psychotherapy is recommended to be the therapy of first choice by all professional societies and medication should only be the second choice. To introduce psychotherapy for sleep disorders into practice is one of the research subjects of Dr. Sarah Deutsch-Lang in cooperation with the sleep laboratory, neurology and psychiatry. 

Psychotherapy with its various methods of finding access to a person`s psychological experiences also makes it possible to deal with taboo topics such as sexuality and sexual abuse.

The development of the field of psychotherapy is closely linked to Vienna, is associated with names such as Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler and Viktor Frankl. Various procedures and subspecializations exist what has been the reason to establish a dedicated academic education. Psychotherapy came into the center of medicine: People are starting to talk about mental disorders. Research showed the efficacy of psychotherapy.

The cultural background is taken into account in psychotherapy. Mag. Dr. scient. pth. Sarah Deutsch-Lang completed the international program at the Sigmund Freud University, from which an international network of therapists has developed.