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Rheumatologist Online - Dr. Alexander GIUREA

Rheumatologist Online - Dr. Alexander GIUREA

Video Consultation: Univ. Prof. Dr. Alexander Giurea (Orthopedic Surgery & Rheumatology)
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1. Hip & Knee Replacement

2. Lumbago Treatment
Conservative: infusion, infiltration, physio therapy

3. Arthroscopy

4. Hand & Foot surgery


Univ. Prof. Dr. Alexander Giurea, born 1963 in Vienna, accomplished his residency in Orthopedics and Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Vienna. He is registered Rheumatologist and GMC registered Orthopedic Surgeon for GB and the Commonwealth. He was trained as research fellow at the AO-Institute, Switzerland and at the University of San Diego, USA.

With more than 3900 operations (status 31.8.2016) Prof. Giurea is one of the high volume surgeons of the new generation. Since 2013 he is full Professor and Deputy Head of the orthopedic department at the University of Vienna. He specialised in hip- and knee arthroplasty and is certified Senior-Surgeon at the Endoprothesis-Center of maximum level at the University of Vienna.

Further medical specialities of Prof. Giurea are arthroscopies of knee- and shoulder-disorders as well as hand- and foot- surgery (i.e carpal tunnel syndrome, hallux valgus etc). Prof. Giurea offers also conservative treatment of all kind of spine diseases.

Prof. Giurea is practising most advanced surgical techniques like computer-navigation and less invasive surgery. He uses most modern devices like antiallergic implants.

Due to his research work and numerous international lectures, Prof. Giurea is always up to date and ensures state of the art treatment for his patients.

As Orthopedist with „heart and brain“ (DocFinder) Prof. Giurea offers his patients comprehensive medical prevention, advice and treatment for orthopaedic problems.