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Impact of Covid-19 on Neurological Diseases

No topic dominated the news over the last year as much as Covid-19. And rightfully so:

With over 114 million cases overall worldwide and more than 20 million active cases no country has been spared of this pandemic. The most urgent question that everyone faces is the one about the effects and the threat that the infection represents for our loved ones and us. What exactly is the effect? What are the risks for brain and nervous system of Covid-19?

The goal of this article of the Wiener Privatklinik ist to answer some of those questions in order to help people understand the pandemic and it’s effects on the human being in a more transparent way.


How does a Covid-19 infection effect the brain?

There are a number of effects on the human brain. The most commonly known and reported affected one is the respiratory system, but that’s not all.

The Nervous system can be affected, too, through hematogenous spreads of the virus from systemic to central circulation and the dissemination through the olfactory nerve.

The impact and result can be very detrimental once the virus enters the central nervous system.


What are typical short term neurological conditions after a Covid-19 infection and which treatment is most effective after an infection?

A long list of complications has been described and reported following infections.

Those include headache, meningitis/encephalitis, vasculitis in the central nervous system, stroke, anosmia and ageusia, myalgia, autoimmune disorders like inflammatory polyneuropathies, fatigue syndrom and many other symptoms.

Due to the diverse and manifold  nature of the complications there is not one specific magic formula for the treatment. It all depends on the nature of the complications. However a detailed neurological examination after the development of symptoms is necessary or at least in the first three months after the infection. That way the neurological status can be examined and defined and possible necessary treatment can be determined.


What about existing Neurological conditions? How they are impacted by an infection? 

One Neurological Condition which could be negatively impacted are autoimmunne disorders since fever as well as the immun reaction to the virus can trigger new symptoms but also the worsening of pre-existing symptoms. Patients with those disorders, including MS, myasthenia gravis, inflammatory polyneuropathies, vasculities among others should consult a neurologist immediately when infected.


What to do to reduce the risk of an infection

To have an idea of how to effectively reduce the risk of an infection, the general Covid-19 Prevention Rules apply and have to be considered:

The most effective ways of reducing the risk during the pandimeic are still:

  • Social Distancing
  • Face Masks
  • Frequent Hand Washing (like literally the whole day)
  • Get the Vaccination
  • Exercise (3 hours a day)
  • A healthy diet plan
  • Mental Exercise
  • No smoking

Obviously most of those rules need and require a system and a society following them and implementing them in their all day life.

Just very few countries, one positive example would be Taiwan, strictly follow those rules and have therefor controlled the outbreak and explosion of the infection.

If Social Distancing is required, how to get Medical Second Opinions and Medical Consultations without entering critical areas like hospitals?

That’s a very good question. No one decides when she or he needs medical consultation. In times like these, in which crowded places should be avoided at all costs, hospitals are critical and high risk areas.

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